Permitted use of items

The unique Graf Deco Collection license is designed to give you the assurance that the items you download can be used in most projects and applications, including commercial purposes.

Summary of authorized use

  • Unlimited use of your Print On Demand (POD) templates
  • Use of products directly in music videos, TV episodes, movies or other broadcast productions with unlimited views.
  • Unlimited users working on different projects for personal or commercial use within an organization or household.
  • Unlimited users can create customizable physical items using products downloaded/purchased from us on any Print On Demand (POD) service.
  • Use of products in an unlimited number of t-shirts, mugs, sublimation items, e-books/printed book titles.

Prohibited use of items

While the unique license of our designs allows you to use the items for most purposes, there are some exceptions.

Here is a summary of what you cannot do with the downloaded items

    • No trademark or service mark rights for items included in the final product. You may not claim trademark or service mark rights for any items included in the final product that use these items.
    • Collection Graf Deco electronic items may not be redistributed. Redistribution of files downloaded/purchased from us in any manner is prohibited. (whether free or paid) as stock, in tools or templates or with source files. Even with superficial modifications. You may not make derivatives of fonts or add-ons.
    • You may not sell or transfer the license to another company.
    • Collection Graf Deco remains the owner, you can not claim ownership of a design, even if it has been modified. We give you the right to sell our designs on a final product such as a mug or t-shirt, but you cannot claim ownership.
  • Please note that these products templates are for you to personalize and download to create products for your business. You can use them as many times as you wish.
  • However, you may not redistribute them or sell them as templates. It is not permitted to share or sell the templates either as they are or by altering them.

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