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Why Using a Journal For Motivation

Why Using A Journal For Motivation

There are two forms of motivation that you can draw upon.

There is intrinsic motivation which comes from inside you and there is extrinsic motivation from external sources.

The good thing about intrinsic motivation is that you are in total control of it and one of the best ways you can develop your intrinsic motivation is by starting and maintaining a journal.

In order to motivate yourself consistently you need to be authentic.

So when you set yourself a goal you really have to want to achieve it.

If you go about this in a half hearted way then you are unlikely to create sufficient motivation to see it through.

When you are embarking on a new goal that you really want to achieve it is natural that you will be excited and there will probably be a high level of motivation for you to call upon.

But as you make progress with your goal you are likely to encounter obstacles and other challenges that you will need additional motivation to overcome.

Some of these challenges can literally make all of your motivation disappear.

So you need an effective way to get this back so that you can move forward.

When you keep a journal you will be able to tap into it and find the motivation that you need to continue.

Here are 5 ways that your journal can motivate you:

1. Record what you really want in your Journal

Remember that this is your personal journal and you can record whatever you want in it.

So do not limit yourself here. Write down exactly what you want and why you want it.

Maybe you want to be financially free or meet the perfect partner?

Or perhaps you want to travel the world or own a mansion?

It really doesn't matter what it is that you truly desire. Just write it all in your journal.

Then analyze what you have written and decide which of the things is the most important for you right now.

You will be able to determine the one thing that is more important to have in your life than anything else.

2. Write your "Why" Statement

After you have discovered the one thing you desire more than anything write a strong "Why" statement by listing the reason or reasons that you want it.

This is very important and needs to be emotionally strong so that when you refer to it you will be able to find the motivation to overcome the biggest obstacles.

3. Visualize yourself achieving your Goals

Now that you know why you want what you truly desire take a few minutes out to visualize already having it and how this makes you feel.

It can take a little practice to do this properly so keep at it.

Write the feelings down in your journal so that you can refer back to them when you need motivation.

4. Write a Plan in your Journal

You need a plan to achieve your goal.

So find some quiet time and get rid of any distractions.

Ask yourself how you are going to achieve your goal and then write everything down.

Your subconscious is very powerful and will supply you with the answers.

Revisit your plan regularly and add to it or adjust it.

5. Take action today

Pick an action step from your plan and get working on it straight away.

Record your progress in your journal every day.

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